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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

buying or selling text links

Hi to all,

Buying text links are not transfering much benefits to the sites buying text links for the high rankings in search engines. Although this would little help your site in receiving frequent crawling from the engines.

If you have 1000 of links from a single site, search engine would not count 1000 backlinks to your site but sometime... and these 1000 links to your website helps your website in getting crawled frequently. So if you are buying text links from website, you must look for these points...

1 - backlink site IP must be change.
2 - vendor must sell similar theme links.
3 - Links must not be framed or scripted.
4 - Your text link must be quite visible not hidden.
5 Sites selling huge text link should be avoided.

let me collect more point for you.

see u soon.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Your expert comments

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I have received lots of expert comments from members here and these perfect comments really helps me a lot in making this blog perfect for all looking for similar information provided by this ultimate Web Solutions India

Thanks to all of you.

keep posting your comments.

UWS Team

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Major Search Engines and Directories to submit your site

I have been receiving a lots of emails from thousand of internet professionals and/or search engine optimizers asking for the major & good search engine and directories to add their own or client website.

I thought to publish a list of the engines & directories here in my blog.

GoogleYahoo!AltaVista Lycos Excite HotBot AllTheWeb
Open Directory Project (DMOZ)
Northern Light
MSN Search
AOL Search

I would also request you to perform a simple search on Google for search engines & directories and you will receive a list of all related sites.

I hope this will help.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SEO for Traffic with Content vs Ranking with Links

How do you grow your search engine traffic without adding a single new link or making any changes to your existing webpages?
It's simple. Just add content.
Simply having keyword-optimized pages of content on your site won't rank you high for competitive search engine keywords – that's a fact of life. But keyword-optimized content can really bring in the traffic for low-competition and unique keywords. The low-competition and unique keywords are typically longer multi-word variants of the keyword. For instance, instead of "search engine ranking," "ranking for search engine traffic niche keywords."
If you have lots of pages of optimized content–and you optimize well – all the search engine traffic from these low-competition keywords will really add up. Plus, you'll usually get more repeat visitors and type-in traffic, too.
Just picture this realistic example of traffic-building with content vs. ranking-building with links. Company A invests $5,000 for link-building in order to rank for a competitive keyword. Company B invests the same amount, only in content. Company A and Company B: each start out on equal SEO footing: equally old websites with the same amount and quality of content, same content management systems, the same PageRank and quantity, quality, and relevance of inbound links. More...

About The Author - Joel Walsh is a professional in the fields of copywriting and SEO who has recently launched, an SEO firm.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Google PageRank Updates & Fluctuations

Google Is always a part of Discussion among the SEO's or Internet marketing professionals and espacially who look online income of business from search engine optimization formula. When it comes to SEO the Google is always there in Talks because Google sends approx 60% internet visitors to your site. This % might be change or depends sites to site.

Here we are talking about the Google PageRank Updates & Fluctuations... Observing since couple of days that Sites got the PageRank and suddenly i checked it was gone to zero or to the old PR. Basically this is the Google PR Fluctuations. To check PR of any webpage or any website google Toolbar is the best tool. It is very easy to install and use. Because now sites are showing Fluctuations in PR so now this is the time to Google PR Update. means this is the time for Google to increase PR for Good sites and - point for bad sotes. Lets hope for the best and may Google will give you a long long green bar...... ;-0

what happened to your website this this PR updation...?? pls drop your comment and share knowledge