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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

buying or selling text links

Hi to all,

Buying text links are not transfering much benefits to the sites buying text links for the high rankings in search engines. Although this would little help your site in receiving frequent crawling from the engines.

If you have 1000 of links from a single site, search engine would not count 1000 backlinks to your site but sometime... and these 1000 links to your website helps your website in getting crawled frequently. So if you are buying text links from website, you must look for these points...

1 - backlink site IP must be change.
2 - vendor must sell similar theme links.
3 - Links must not be framed or scripted.
4 - Your text link must be quite visible not hidden.
5 Sites selling huge text link should be avoided.

let me collect more point for you.

see u soon.

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