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Friday, January 06, 2006

My Experience with the Blogs !!!!

Its too cold here in India. Even i can't write properly but i though i must write this in my blog because i feel this is related to all the bloggers. I have seen thousand of blogs available over the internet and sometime i was really impressed with the available content in the blog, its management for the content, the information related to blog and a lots of other good useful information that can really attract the reader towards it, But i have also seen couple of blogs those are not up to the mark as per a blog must be.

1 - Blogs are not updated
2 - Blogs are feed like a HTML page with the Keywords and links to the different site. This might be the personal and/or commercial sites.
3 - Some times No content only links are there.
4 - If Content is available then the content does not belong to the blog theme.
5 - not only content but sometime i have seen the links are associated with the theme or content are not addressed properly.

I personally feel that the blog is a place or like a weblog that must be updated everyday with the all new information. Blogs generally represent the qualities of the author or the Web site. You can add the links with in your content but the content must be related to your website theme or related to your blog. And also you can add couple of links to the content but here again you must add the most relevant links to your blog those are actually talking about the same as your content.

The management of any blog is very easy and I think you don’t need any technical expertise in handling a small or big size blog. Simple create a best title with the addition of quality content , publish your blog. Its done. You can also submit your blog to the various search engines & directories, if allows your content & links. Check out my Blog & send your comments

Catch you later…. BYE


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