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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is your website helping your SEO

Hello Friends,
Everybody is busy doing SEO everyday 10-12 hours but do you know if your website is really helping your seo activities done by you. It is very important to take care your site indexing and checking them for regular crawling and counted link back and all.
Might be your site is having canonical issues..
Might be your website is having issues with the content plagiarism..
Might be your website is having some wrong title and meta issues..
Might be some of your urls are indexed which supposed to be removed long time ago..
Might be some meta engines or scraper has copied your title meta in their website with a link back to your website, which is again a duplicate meta issue.
Might be your link back has been removed… count them regularly.

Lots of other issues are there that you have to check in the engines, if your website is really suffering these or some other issues.
Fix them and it will help your website for better rankings. Use webmaster tool and analytics and see what is happening to your website.

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Comment Posting - Do you really know how to do this

Hello Friends,
I have been working out my blog since long time and i have received so many comments on my various post in the blog. Comments from the big and small all kind of ITES companies but i am sorry to say the way they post comments, is really not acceptable to anyone.

Comment posting does not mean your business link posting but it is all about the post you are commenting on. If you really understood the post and like it, you must have comment genuinely. Instead of posting your links and saying what a great post or I like this post, good blog and all those buttering thing, if you really write something about the post, why did you like this and all, and how this help you, I am sure you will get most of the comments approval.

So next time when you start comment posting, don’t just say these things but give some additional input and see your comments approved.



Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Best Article Submission Directory

You may find so many article submission sites which are offering free article submission but do you think that all of them are useful for your business? Did you eve check this by visiting your article if this is cached on that site or not.

There are so many points you can investigate and check which site is good for article submission and which is not. There are sites which automatically extract the thousand of articles of other sites and get them indexed just to earn the money by various mediums, but I am sure and I can bet that there are very few directories which are originally receiving the article submissions and trying their best to provide you the best of your article like

I have signed up for an account on the very beginning of this site and since then I am regularly submitting my articles to and you will not believe that my articles are getting much response from the on daily basis and there are so many views of those articles on the site. I am also receiving good # of visitors from to my websites.

Cheers to webzine and I recommend you to also submit your articles here and see the difference.

Good luck

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Search Engine Ranking Formula - The SEO Basic

Hello Friends,
I hope you must be enjoying your work.. yes dear the seo work. Who is it going..? Are you not ranking high. Yes..? Oh very bad if you own a site and willing to do business with it, it must be listed in the engines and must rank well to get the necessary business.

Well the time has changed a lot and everyday there is a new technique for the search engine promotion but I believe that the old one the basis one is still is the best. Although based on your industry you have to have the additional and advanced seo efforts but still if you are not in the high competition sector, don’t do much on your seo part and just relax doing your basic seo. You might get the best results.
4 step seo formula
1st Month
A - Search engine submission
B - Directory submission

2nd M
C - Article submission and bit entries in blog will be help full in addition of the 1st month work.
Start watching & observe the indexing of your site in engines slowely.

3rd Month

D – You may try to contact good quality link exchange sites to link you back + the old 1st & 2nd month activities.
Watch the indexing and bit rankings if they came..

4th Month
Do the same 3rd month activities for next 2 month and again repeat the 1st month process + Add some additional valuable content to it.

Watch and see if your site is ranking, if still not try to see the cache versions and the date and try to get your pages crawled quickly by wite hat tectics.

Your website should give you enough satisfaction if you do all these properly.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Launches TV Ads in AdWords Platform

Google has ventured into TV advertising with Google TV Ads. The program allows AdWords advertisers to distribute a TV advertisement across various U.S. networks using the traditional Google AdWords bidding system. Google TV Ads are still in Beta, and users can sign up here to get involved.
The development seems like the next logical step for Google after they recently entered into the radio and print advertising marketplace. They are aiming to build the AdWords platform as a one stop shop for a wide range of different advertising mediums.
Google TV Ads allows advertisers to create a 15-60 second video advertisement and distribute it on participating US television stations during certain programs or times of the day. The program also features an ad creation marketplace where advertisers can post their requirements and have a professional video advertisement designed for them.
Distributing the video works much like a traditional AdWords campaign, with advertisers bidding for placement using a CPM measure:

Advertisers also select which networks show their ads and the time for each campaign to be run.

Once an ad has been run, Google's online tracking and reports then allow advertisers to view stats about the campaign including the number of impressions served, the percentage of viewers who watched the entire ad and when viewers changed channels. Google claims to use second by second data from set top boxes to gather the above information.
I think Google TV advertising is a great addition to the AdWords platform and it will hopefully make TV advertising a reality for many small business owners. On the other hand, Google will need to keep a close eye on the project to ensure high quality ads are being produced; otherwise the value of the network could quickly diminish.
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Monday, February 25, 2008

Best Quality Article Submission

if you are serious about your internet business and want to improve your business through search engine marketing, you should try to submit your copyrighted high quality articles in good quality article submission directories. Do not submit your article to the directories offering huge google adsense advertisement to click on. There are thousand of article submission directories available over the web that do accept articles but when your article is approved, your article page comes with the multiple google adsense on the same page. This way user can hardly reach to your business link in the about author area. This is recommemded that submit your quality articles to those article submission directories which are not intented to have adsense but they have the clear intention to promote your business with your article. Webzine articles is the only article submission directories available over the internet that does not offer google adsense on the approved article page, which makes sure that if any user comes to your article page, there are much fair chances for him to visit your site by clicking your business url in the given area.
To submit your article visit Webzine Articles - Get the quality Traffic to your website

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recent Google Page Rank Update


Have been observing the google recent page rank update since last 48 hours since the post has been posted, it looks like the update is not completed yet. I can see the sites Page Rank increased but for new sites, it is yet to come. PR 2 has bee reached to 4 some time and some time it is 3. I checked 100 of sites just to check and most of them got increment. This time google seems to be very glad with the sites or with the SEO they have done. Not only the domain but inner pages or sections have been updated in most of the cases. Its good for everybody if they have got increment. If you are a new site, Page Rank might show off with in 3-4 days or so. So dont worry.

everything will be all rite for everybody.

Keep doing good job.