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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is your website helping your SEO

Hello Friends,
Everybody is busy doing SEO everyday 10-12 hours but do you know if your website is really helping your seo activities done by you. It is very important to take care your site indexing and checking them for regular crawling and counted link back and all.
Might be your site is having canonical issues..
Might be your website is having issues with the content plagiarism..
Might be your website is having some wrong title and meta issues..
Might be some of your urls are indexed which supposed to be removed long time ago..
Might be some meta engines or scraper has copied your title meta in their website with a link back to your website, which is again a duplicate meta issue.
Might be your link back has been removed… count them regularly.

Lots of other issues are there that you have to check in the engines, if your website is really suffering these or some other issues.
Fix them and it will help your website for better rankings. Use webmaster tool and analytics and see what is happening to your website.

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