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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Recent Google Page Rank Update


Have been observing the google recent page rank update since last 48 hours since the post has been posted, it looks like the update is not completed yet. I can see the sites Page Rank increased but for new sites, it is yet to come. PR 2 has bee reached to 4 some time and some time it is 3. I checked 100 of sites just to check and most of them got increment. This time google seems to be very glad with the sites or with the SEO they have done. Not only the domain but inner pages or sections have been updated in most of the cases. Its good for everybody if they have got increment. If you are a new site, Page Rank might show off with in 3-4 days or so. So dont worry.

everything will be all rite for everybody.

Keep doing good job.


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