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Friday, July 27, 2007

how to handle google supplemental results

How to handle Google supplemental results, this is not a new topic for the webmasters or for the search engine optimization companies around the world.

When a website or a webpage has been declared as a supplemental result by Google search engine, webmaster look for the backlinks, they don’t look for the optimization they have done for the page or for whole website.

Lack of the backlinks is not the only solution that can take you our from that Google supplemental results but you must think over the strategy of making the website or webpage as good for users & search engines as well. I believe if you have been tagged as Google supplemental results, apart of the high quality backlinks, you must also analyze you SEO plan and add value to the website.

Might be quality backlinks, may be your optimization need improvement, add something that really helps user when they comes to the webpage or a website. Google supplemental does not mean your website or a single webpage is not worth of ranking but it means it requires improvements. Do not worry much about Google supplemental results but add quality to the website, your Google supplemental results tag will automatically be out.

Even after so much Google supplemental results for various pages in various sites, sites ranks pretty high just because of they have some value there that recognized by Google Itself.

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