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Thursday, August 09, 2007

google supplemental results removed

Might be this is one of the best news for all webmasters & web professionals especially for those who were suffering with this since long time. Google World No 1 Search Engine has removed its Google Supplemental results were appearing beside the web site search results.

Google Supplemental Results (GSR) is a one type of penalty given to your web page or to the whole website by the Google itself based upon thousand of other factors. Now because Google Supplemental results has been removed all of the web professionals are relaxing,

BUT please do not be sitted like anything Google is now changing its algorithm and definitly you would be receiving some thing very good or might be something worst from the google in very near time.

So if your supplemental results have been removed, think what was the wrong with your page or site and try to improve at that end, else in the coming google fair, you will loose all your friends & family members.


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