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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

UWS gives 30 Days free hosting Trial

Just to inform that we have got 30 free web hosting account in only last 15 days. I am very sure that all will be continuing web hosting with UWS.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ultimate Web Solutions India News Update


Here i would like to inform you, some recent news from Ultimate Web Solutions india or you can say a little news update from UWS INDIA.

UWS completed 2 years successfully
First of all i would pleased to inform you that UWS has completed its 2 year of success in internet marketing inudstry. In last 2 year we have served a majority of people and our quality services help a lot in making our business relation better.

UWS plan to merge with another Internet marketing Company in India
UWS India think tanks are deeply working on this idea and we hope this will be done very soon. UWS India is planning to merge with another quality internet marketing company in India.

UWS decided to open office in USA, UK in 2006
We have decided to open new offices in USA and United Kingdom till december 2006. Our experts are working out the strategy how this will be go on. Also thinking to shift our 1 or 2 SEO peofessional and web designing expert to USA or in New UK office.

UWS gives 30 Days free hosting Trial
You can also enjoy the quality web hosting from UWS India free for 30 days as a hosting trial. IF you want to check the hosting package and server performance, this would be te best option. Check out the hot deal section and try this - India Free Web hosting Trial

For more News update visit the site Ultimate Web Solutions India

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just to update...

Couple of lines to update my blog. What about you..

I hope this 2006 will bring more business and prosperity for all of you. I had a good deal in starting only so i also hope for the same for me... cheers ;-)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

What about the lesson i tought to you..?

What about the lesson i teach you..?

Hi I am back to the work. You know something I have a schedule that I have to write something everyday in my blog. Because I have made this so this is my responsibility to handle this and manage everyday with the new couple of lines so that it should also know yes.. I am alove. Hey what about you. I hope you also updating your blogs everyday. Very good I thing the lesson I teach you now you have understand.

Haha………. ;-)

Just joking…. I know you all are very smart then me thatsy you have so much big big blogs with the hi fi quality content with in. But I promise I will also do something better for my blog. You know I am little busy in web designing & web promotion projects I am doing for my clients. And the day this jaggar update done, SEO’s are little tensed because it seems like Google is killing the SEO’s. But don’t worry if SEO’s will not be there who will ask Google, and how will google get the new points to this, and how they will design the new algorithm for the SERP. But still I love Google… What do you say..

Ok now time to go……

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Experience with the Blogs !!!!

Its too cold here in India. Even i can't write properly but i though i must write this in my blog because i feel this is related to all the bloggers. I have seen thousand of blogs available over the internet and sometime i was really impressed with the available content in the blog, its management for the content, the information related to blog and a lots of other good useful information that can really attract the reader towards it, But i have also seen couple of blogs those are not up to the mark as per a blog must be.

1 - Blogs are not updated
2 - Blogs are feed like a HTML page with the Keywords and links to the different site. This might be the personal and/or commercial sites.
3 - Some times No content only links are there.
4 - If Content is available then the content does not belong to the blog theme.
5 - not only content but sometime i have seen the links are associated with the theme or content are not addressed properly.

I personally feel that the blog is a place or like a weblog that must be updated everyday with the all new information. Blogs generally represent the qualities of the author or the Web site. You can add the links with in your content but the content must be related to your website theme or related to your blog. And also you can add couple of links to the content but here again you must add the most relevant links to your blog those are actually talking about the same as your content.

The management of any blog is very easy and I think you don’t need any technical expertise in handling a small or big size blog. Simple create a best title with the addition of quality content , publish your blog. Its done. You can also submit your blog to the various search engines & directories, if allows your content & links. Check out my Blog & send your comments

Catch you later…. BYE

Relation between good hosting & internet marketing.

Hi Guys,

I am back again. In last couple of days i was bit busy with my work and also i had a big party on new year evening. I always try to write something different that can really help to reader in understanding the fact behind any topic of the interest. Now i Just have writen an article so i though this would be helpful for readers. have a look here -

World is growing with internet. The use of internet has been increased up to more than 1000 times and because of this growth of internet visitors, everybody is coming in online business through search engine optimization and other internet marketing activities or tool that can help increasing organization business and all this is possible with a brand new website, your identity over the net.

A website making is not a big task but when it comes to a website that really does business through search engines or any other marketing activities, this all depends on number of factors that really helps your online business.

I would like to say with the confidence if you are not hosted on a good server you must not think about the marketing of any online business.

Let’s talk about couple of important point I choose to discuss –

Web Designing & Web hosting – Lets say you have chosen one of the best web designing company in your area to design & develop your website with the best of your knowledge and they have completed the website designing in couple of days now your website is ready to host on a server. May be you have already chosen another hosting company or it might be possible that the same company is hosting your website on their own servers. How to decide or how to choose a hosting company when you are ready to market your website over the internet. While choosing a hosting company for your internet marketing , you must be thinking about the prices and features and all other things you can think as a non IT professional. Or simple you will select the designing company server for your hosting because they can offer you discounted prices for the hosting package. And this is very true once you are working with a company and they recommend something that you need along with a discount (You think), you will simply go for this.


1 - Do you think that hosting package they are providing is really good for your online marketing…?
2 - Do you think the charges they are asking for hosting are genuine?
3 - Do you think the features they have with in the hosting pack are worth of the cost you paying..?
4 - Do you think this server will be able to run your website for 24 hours everyday..?
5 - Do you think this hosting server would be handling all of your internet visitor queries properly?

A number of other point are there in my mind I would like to discuss but I feel let me talk about the written point in details here only.

Available Internet Marketing are Search engine Optimization (SEO)- PPC, Website advertising, Online Paid marketing, adwords, adsense, and link exchange, CPM and other marketing activities.

I hope this SEO word is not a stranger with all the internet savvy now a days even most of the internet user says yes I can promote your website through search engine optimization over the Google, Yahoo, MSN and all. And I feel this is true because the use of internet has been greater than before and almost everybody knows about the google, yahoo and msn and all other engines. How they rank website and how they decide a website to rank. Anyways we were talking about the hosting. Lets say your site is well optimized and ranking well on all engines BUT when a user tries to open your website, It says page can not be found. The same page most of the site displays everyday, can not find server, or may be another message that server is down for maintenance kindly check back later. Now the point is if you are ranking well, your site is having quality content and everything is very good about your website then why choose a third class hosting package on a bad server. You worked hard in finding the visitor from the internet to come to your website and finally when arrive, all in vain. Simple he/she will try the website or try another webpage. So just because of a bad server all of your efforts go useless.

Not only SEO I am talking about but any of the marketing applied to your website. When a request has been sent to your server, your server must respond with in 3-5 seconds so that that can make sure your visitor to stay because your webpage processing bar is working but if a webpage does not open with in 10-20 seconds generally user close the windows and looks for the another step.

Here I have couple of good point you can read while selecting a hosting for your site.

1 - Try to check the other running website those are hosted on the same server.
2 - If possible send a personal request to the current running website owner to ask about the hosting and experience with the same.
3 - If possible ask your technical expert to involve in the selection of the hosting.
4 – Also check what all features & permission you have been given
5 – Check out the prices you have been charged and what is the market cost.
6 – Don’t go for the discounted rates as this might be the another wrong decision while selecting a package.
7 – Go for the brand name hosting company or check out the complete plan and then choose a package.
8 - Try to check how many domains are hosted on the same server. This will ensure you the server performance.
9 – Go for the best hosting; don’t go for the discounted prices.

I hope all these point will help you in a good hosting company selection while marketing a website. You go any marketing for your website but if you have got the best server that can respond to your online clients or visitors immediately.

Market a good website with good content hosted on a good server with qualified internet marketing strategist would be the best solutions for your internet business.

About the Author – Sachin Agarwal - Ultimate Web Solutions is a web designing & web hosting company in India helps you in internet marketing activities. Quality web hosting services India, Quality Web designing services from India.

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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Web Makketing Articles Online

Hey why dont you go to our article section and read the quality articles there. I hope you will really like the submitted articles.

You can also easily submit your articles to our article section. All new accepted articles will be highlighted in new sections. Please make sure you are using the original article writen by you or your organization.

Submit your Web marketing Articles Now -

Hurry.. We are waiting for your article. Spread the information and promote yourself.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Why a good web design & fast hosting required..?

The answer is very simple for this question. Because a good web design attracts user and some time visitor loves the design and bookmark the same site for future visits or for future reference or might be interested in making the same web design for his clients or might be possible he/she will edit the same design. But this is true that your website must have a good design. Not only to attract the internet visitor but also helps in browsing the products & services, so that visitor can reach to the destination with the minimum number of clicks.

Web Designing - While audience creation, advertising and promotions drive traffic to a site, it's the design that either encourages visitors to explore or drives them away in frustration. A good design is, of course, aesthetically pleasing. More importantly, though, it engages visitors, makes it easy for them to navigate the site and compels them to explore the site further, purchase products and return another day. Attractive graphics that support the company's message are important. But large graphics that take a long time to load frustrate users. Many visitors won't wait long enough for the graphic to finish loading. Additionally, visitors are less likely to return to a site that has cumbersome or confusing navigational cues. Selection of a Web Designing Company India is always a big game as far as your online business is concern. Web design differs significantly from design for other media. The most important difference is that the Web is interactive, incorporating hyperlinks and devices for immediate visitor feedback. Some sophisticated designs include dynamically generated pages that are custom-tailored to each visitor's interests, preferences and buying habits. To implement effective designs, our team of web designers and implementers has sufficient technical skills such as HTML coding, scripting and programming in addition to artistic skills. As the navigation reveals the structure and organization of the web site, It should provide a consistence and predictable way to find and focus on the information you want in the smallest possible number of clicks.

Web Site DevelopmentWhen it comes to the website development, your Web Designing Firm India must understand your business requirement and type of business or services you are offering to your customers. The quality of your services and the cost of the services or products. A good web design company can increase your web site traffic by offering a user friendly navigation in the web pages that facilitates user in finding the services & products. And once if user ready to purchase something from your website, my personal experience is, he bookmark the site. But only condition is he/she must got the best deal from your side. developing the web pages is might be a small task but arrangement or the content and intralinking of the web pages is always a important point. A Web Development Company India first creates a complete rough website structure and then proceeds for the final structure which would be the best in nature with the design, pages, content arrangement, link color, and link names, CSS in the site, the color combinations and the use of the images. There is no question that when it comes to fast and efficient display of graphics on Web Pages, smaller is better. Techniques optimizing the color depth of the Web - friendly GIF and JPEG images for the fast download and applying simple height and width HTML tags are the secrets of our greatest site design. There are certain factors that search engines do not like. While keeping those factors into consideration, we will create an extremely search engines friendly website. The secret of great page design is to create a page grid, build tables, work with color and use type. Innovation & focus on the target visitor drives our creative team to custom design each site with a right combination of text layout, fonts, colors, backgrounds, pictures, animation’s, icons & bars. At UWS India we do not just develop web pages; rather we nurture your dreams into your website.

Web Hosting
Web hosting is like a supporting hand when it comes to any online business through a website. An excellent web server supports your website in term of web site speed, performance, executing queries, database queries sent by you or your potential customers, enquiry management with its security and best performance with maximum uptime. At any point of time if you or your visitor looks for your site or click on your site link form any location in the world, a good web server returns the response immediately that helps user to browse the site and choose the product & services he/she want. The identities of a good web server are... It must respond to each & every request sent to the server, minimum or limited domains hosted, updated with all new available features and all those features your site requires, security of the website and your database, maximum uptime, and all. You may choose a cheap hosting from any vendor if you are new in the online business through website but if you are a professional, you would not like your site to host on a discounted server with approx 2000 domain hosted or with bad performance. A good Web hosting Company India can solve your this downtime, security, features, and performance problems.

About The Author: Ultimate Web Solutions India – Ultimate Web Solutions is an internet marketing company operating in New Delhi, India provides web designing, website development, web hosting, search engine optimization, keyword analysis, pay per click management, link popularity building and SEO friendly web design service, along with domain name registration.