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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Google Launches TV Ads in AdWords Platform

Google has ventured into TV advertising with Google TV Ads. The program allows AdWords advertisers to distribute a TV advertisement across various U.S. networks using the traditional Google AdWords bidding system. Google TV Ads are still in Beta, and users can sign up here to get involved.
The development seems like the next logical step for Google after they recently entered into the radio and print advertising marketplace. They are aiming to build the AdWords platform as a one stop shop for a wide range of different advertising mediums.
Google TV Ads allows advertisers to create a 15-60 second video advertisement and distribute it on participating US television stations during certain programs or times of the day. The program also features an ad creation marketplace where advertisers can post their requirements and have a professional video advertisement designed for them.
Distributing the video works much like a traditional AdWords campaign, with advertisers bidding for placement using a CPM measure:

Advertisers also select which networks show their ads and the time for each campaign to be run.

Once an ad has been run, Google's online tracking and reports then allow advertisers to view stats about the campaign including the number of impressions served, the percentage of viewers who watched the entire ad and when viewers changed channels. Google claims to use second by second data from set top boxes to gather the above information.
I think Google TV advertising is a great addition to the AdWords platform and it will hopefully make TV advertising a reality for many small business owners. On the other hand, Google will need to keep a close eye on the project to ensure high quality ads are being produced; otherwise the value of the network could quickly diminish.
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