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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Search Engine Ranking Formula - The SEO Basic

Hello Friends,
I hope you must be enjoying your work.. yes dear the seo work. Who is it going..? Are you not ranking high. Yes..? Oh very bad if you own a site and willing to do business with it, it must be listed in the engines and must rank well to get the necessary business.

Well the time has changed a lot and everyday there is a new technique for the search engine promotion but I believe that the old one the basis one is still is the best. Although based on your industry you have to have the additional and advanced seo efforts but still if you are not in the high competition sector, don’t do much on your seo part and just relax doing your basic seo. You might get the best results.
4 step seo formula
1st Month
A - Search engine submission
B - Directory submission

2nd M
C - Article submission and bit entries in blog will be help full in addition of the 1st month work.
Start watching & observe the indexing of your site in engines slowely.

3rd Month

D – You may try to contact good quality link exchange sites to link you back + the old 1st & 2nd month activities.
Watch the indexing and bit rankings if they came..

4th Month
Do the same 3rd month activities for next 2 month and again repeat the 1st month process + Add some additional valuable content to it.

Watch and see if your site is ranking, if still not try to see the cache versions and the date and try to get your pages crawled quickly by wite hat tectics.

Your website should give you enough satisfaction if you do all these properly.