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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Blog Comment Posting - Do you really know how to do this

Hello Friends,
I have been working out my blog since long time and i have received so many comments on my various post in the blog. Comments from the big and small all kind of ITES companies but i am sorry to say the way they post comments, is really not acceptable to anyone.

Comment posting does not mean your business link posting but it is all about the post you are commenting on. If you really understood the post and like it, you must have comment genuinely. Instead of posting your links and saying what a great post or I like this post, good blog and all those buttering thing, if you really write something about the post, why did you like this and all, and how this help you, I am sure you will get most of the comments approval.

So next time when you start comment posting, don’t just say these things but give some additional input and see your comments approved.