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Monday, March 06, 2006

Google PageRank Updates & Fluctuations

Google Is always a part of Discussion among the SEO's or Internet marketing professionals and espacially who look online income of business from search engine optimization formula. When it comes to SEO the Google is always there in Talks because Google sends approx 60% internet visitors to your site. This % might be change or depends sites to site.

Here we are talking about the Google PageRank Updates & Fluctuations... Observing since couple of days that Sites got the PageRank and suddenly i checked it was gone to zero or to the old PR. Basically this is the Google PR Fluctuations. To check PR of any webpage or any website google Toolbar is the best tool. It is very easy to install and use. Because now sites are showing Fluctuations in PR so now this is the time to Google PR Update. means this is the time for Google to increase PR for Good sites and - point for bad sotes. Lets hope for the best and may Google will give you a long long green bar...... ;-0

what happened to your website this this PR updation...?? pls drop your comment and share knowledge



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