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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Reciprocal Link Exchange Strategy


I have read a number of threads in the forums and other online tutorials talking about the reciprocal link exchange strategy to use for Google. Getting a link for your website is always good but the main points are,

1 - What kind of link you should choose for your website?
2 - How many links you should go for linking in a month or in a year on in a week?
3 - Is a site you are linking right to link?

So there are thousand of questions comes in the mind when you start link exchange campaign for your website.

My strategy for reciprocal link exchange is... 1st try to get the links for the thematic web directories in the most appropriate category. If your site is accepted and listed this would be a free (+) link to your website.

Along with this directory submission when you go for link exchange process for your site, simply remember the steps and do link exchange as much as you want... ;-)

1 - Site you are linking must be indexed in google and must have a PR.
2 - Page you are linked from must also be indexed and must have PR 2+ would be ok.
3 - Site must be related to your industry.
4 - Try to avoid the links from link farm sites.
5 - Don’t go for bulk link exchange with same IP address site.
6 – Your link must not be placed dynamically or through script. Check for this.
6 - If you can get ONE link everyday from a good site then i believe there would not be any problem to your site. Because if you will have thousand of links in a month then again you will be penalized. So take care and happy linking.

There is more stuff to discuss so will be back soon....



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